Groove Garden Artists

Cesar Caballero

Cesar Has found a special love and renowned senses of feeling for music.
Born in beautiful Cartagena, Colombia this innate ability and love naturally evolved through Cesar's curiosity, always open to exploring the sounds of his own Caribbean identity and other influences from around the world.

Cesar understands the significance of communication and appreciates the diverse ways of communicating through music. His journey began with piano lessons at 12 and after years of training he smoothly transitioned to drums where nothing less could have been expected for an individual exposed to afro Caribbean folk music most of his life.

Back in 1999 Cesar discovered his own unique voice as  a DJ playing a two year residency at OZ Club with his friend and partner DJ Javier Duke. Through these years Cesar develop his own musical style and began his musical production journey.

Home based in Toronto since 2006, Cesar Caballero is now producing fresh ideas in Progressive House, House, Tribal and Techno among others genres. Cesar's productions  and mixes are a shining example of outstanding new ideas this music lover is designing to share with the world.


Javier Duke

Javier started his DJ career in 1985, rapidly gaining the respect among other DJs and radio stations, and building a solid base of fan in his Cartagena, Colombia.

In 1989, he started traveling the world playing guest spots in clubs like M-80 (Boston), Lava (NY), Privilege, The Womb, and Groovejet (Miami) among others, and has played along the greatest and most recognized DJs worldwide: Oscar G., Ivano Bellini, Jhon Aquaviva, Pete Tong, Chus and Ceballos, etc.

A graduated sound engineer, Javier has worked in projects for well known artists like Aterciopelados, Wayove, Andres Cepeda, Bloque de Busqueda, Latin Dreams and others.

Chamán Urbano is his first personal project. A fusion of Caribbean rhythms, tribal, house, electro and original sounds, make this album an enticing and unique adventure.

Design and Development